Tuesday, September 16, 2008

1968 Triumph Bobber CUSTOM

Lefty Lucy is her name, I built this jewel in the spring of 2008. It is not a "restoration" in fact Triumph purists would denounce it as an abomination, because it is custom fabricated from the ground up, with few parts, besides the motor and rear hub that actually came from the donor bike. I sold it on e-bay this fall.

Check out the antique bottle opener on the front of the licence plate bracket

I built in a sight glass to the oil tank to help me keep an eye on the oil level

I fabed the electrics box to hold the battery (held in by a tiny wrench), ignition switch, coil, regulator, and electronic ignition unit. ALL wiring was soldered and heat-shrinked, then run inside the frame tubing for a super-clean look.

Since I stretched the rear section of the frame six inches, I fabricated this chain tensioner to prevent the chain from chewing the finish off of the frame tubing. I made the arm from a forged 7/8" Craftsman wrench handle for durability. The rest of the brackets are made from cold-rolled 14 gauge steel.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Custom Stereo Installation

Here are a few custom installations I have done recently.

Ghetto end table

Here is a piece of "ghetto" art done as an end table, complete with neon lighting.

Large Metal Spiderweb

Here is a piece I built to grow jasmine on, to shade a side entrance.

Custom Made Death Trap

I made this machine with a racing go-kart motor and very little common sense. After it threw me in front of a crowd of my friends I sold it to a Harley shop in LA on e-bay.

Small Metal Insects

Here are a few small metal pieces. Some have articulated limbs.

Metal Hand

Large Metal hand made from former race car motor parts, mounted on a marble plinth.